All You Need To Know About Dental Bridges

All You Need To Know About Dental Bridges
March 05, 2024

What are Dental Bridges?

When one or more teeth are missing, a dental bridge can fill the space by connecting to nearby teeth or dental implants with the help of a retainer. These fixed pontics are aesthetically pleasing since they match your natural teeth in size, color, and shape.

Various Dental Bridge Options

Depending on the severity of the problem caused by tooth loss, one of four primary kinds of dental bridges can be used. Experts at Cure Dental in Belton, Texas for instance, may place a cantilever bridge that’s more suited for tiny spaces where there’s little room to fix the two abutment teeth. Traditional fixed bridges, bonded bridges made in Maryland, and dental bridges supported by implants are some of the other options.

What are the Uses of a Dental Bridge?

  • Restoring your attractive smile with a dental bridge can fix the gap and increase your self-confidence.
  • You’ll have an easier time biting and chewing with the fixed dental prosthesis because it’s sturdy and long-lasting.
  • The bridge helps in improving your speech by changing the position of the tongue to improve pronunciation and speaking.
  • A dental bridge can prevent the progressive change in facial structure that can be caused by the missing tooth due to the shifting and eventual loss of remaining teeth.

Who Is An Eligible Candidate For Dental Bridge?

Periodontal disease should not be present in the teeth and gums of a candidate for dental bridges.

Dental Bridges and Their Advantages

Dental bridges are a great way to improve your smile’s function and aesthetics. As a result, they make you smile and chew food better.

A dental bridge can:

  • Keep your natural teeth from shifting position by reinforcing your jaw’s structure.
  • Assist in maintaining your facial beauty.
  • Provide dependable service for up to fifteen years.


Fixing the problem before further consequences from tooth loss manifest is more controllable and cost-effective. Come see the dentists at Cure Dental in Belton, Texas, including Dentist Belton, to go over your options.

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