Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges in belton tx

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is the tooth’s protective top. Our Experts can utilise a crown to enhance the look of a smile in addition to restoring a tooth that has been injured. Three distinct materials, including all-metal, ceramic-on-metal, and all-ceramic, can be used to create a crown. The best material to use will depend on where the crown is located in the tooth. For instance, front teeth should, if at all possible, have all-ceramic crowns because they appear the most natural. Since ceramic-on-metal crowns seem natural but have the durability that only metal can offer, patients frequently use them.

A dental bridge can serve as a substitute for a missing tooth. If a client wants to restore a tooth without wearing dentures or having surgery, Cure Dental offers dental bridges. Two crowns serve as the anchors for the new tooth. It is made of porcelain or ceramic to match the nearby teeth and has a natural-looking appearance. Our dental experts will guarantee that the new tooth feels and looks fantastic.

Crowns and bridges are used for repairing a tooth that has been infected, injured, or has fallen out, these methods are incredibly successful. These operations can be carried out by our specialists in a way that restores dental health while seeming natural. In this manner, a patient can restore the functionality of their teeth without having any dental work visible. Make an appointment to find out more about dental bridges and crowns.

Patients can get dental bridges and crowns at Cure Dental. It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene and see a dentist regularly to keep your teeth and crowns or bridges healthy. If you have any questions about crowns or bridges, or if you need to find a dentist in Belton, Tx, consult with a dental professional at Cure Dental.

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