Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards in Belton, TX

At our clinic, we take seriously our responsibility to preserve your natural teeth by all means possible. Your teeth are strong and tough, but they may suffer irreparable damage if a number of factors come together. We are a dental clinic in Texas that provides individualized care for patients of all ages.

Athletic mouth guards developed by the specialists at Cure Dental are vital for keeping your teeth protected throughout even the most rigorous matches. Don’t put your teeth at risk, and have a guard on hand for every game.

athletic mouth guards

Is It Necessary to Have a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports?

Almost 40% of all dental injuries are associated with sports, according to data published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), although only 7% of sportsmen choose to wear protective shields. Clearly, there is a mismatch between awareness and action here.

Athletes are able to keep playing the sports they love without worrying about the potential for expensive dental repairs because of mouth guards. Athletes who use mouth guards benefit from less time spent at the dentist because of the protection they provide for their teeth.

  • The ideal athletic mouthguard would allow for normal speech.
  • Allow free airflow for the wearer.
  • Anchor player to stay secure while playing.
  • Feel the lasting comfort of a well-fitting athletic guard.
  • Facilitate tidying up and upkeep with ease.
  • Tear-resistant.

Need a Dental Consultation?

Enjoy the advantages of a well-fitting athletic mouth guard!

A personalized mouthguard fabricated in our dental clinic is the best solution because of the durability and efficacy it provides. Our dentist in Belton, TX will evaluate your unique needs and create a custom mouthguard that will fit you perfectly, whether that means making adjustments for your growing teeth or adjusting the size of your jaw. When you come to see us, be sure to inquire about this specific offering.

The dentist will first take an impression of your teeth to use as a template for the mouthguard. After that, they’ll hone and polish it to perfection. This protective layer is safe and comfortable, and it is thick enough where it matters most for maximum security, so there won’t be any unpleasant smells or tastes.

This premium mouthguard is made to order, so it fits perfectly and protects your teeth like no other. Made to the highest standards, it can withstand the abuse of any contact sport or activity. By having this specific product on hand, parents can rest easy knowing their children’s mouths are well protected from any harm.

Getting a custom-fitted mouthguard from a dentist is preferable to buying a one-size-fits-all mouthguard or a boil-and-bite mouthguard from the store. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits all approach is not very protective as it fails to mold around the athlete’s teeth comfortably. The soft oral tissues, such as the gums and cheeks, can be irritated by these ready-made models.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards may offer more individualized protection, but they are typically too bulky and heavy to be worn comfortably. Some athletes have even complained that utilizing boil-and-bite mouth protectors made it difficult for them to speak or breathe during intense training.

A professional sports equipment company must create a custom mouth guard for each athlete. To create unique protection equipment for each athlete, our staff uses cutting-edge technology to acquire precise topographical mouth impressions.

Therefore, a professionally crafted mouth guard is the best choice for maximum protection and a snug fit. In addition, it facilitates much simpler breathing and communication for athletes during intense physical activity.

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