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Bone Grafting in Belton, TX

Are you experiencing weakened jawbones as a result of factors such as aging, hereditary predisposition, or the presence of periodontal disease? If this is the case, there is no need to search any more. The team of professionals at Cure Dental provides advanced bone grafting treatments aimed at restoring bone strength and volume while minimizing potential problems.

bone grafting

What is Bone Grafting?

The concept of bone grafting refers to a surgical procedure that involves the transplantation or implantation of bone tissue to promote bone healing, regeneration, or augmentation.

According to clinical studies, bone grafting can aid in restoring the jawbone’s integrity after it has suffered harm from gum disease, an infection, or having a tooth pulled. By employing this methodology, one can expeditiously prepare oneself for the placement of dental implants.

Where is a Bone Graft acquired From?

Patients have the option of obtaining their bone transplants from a tissue bank, or alternatively, the graft can be harvested from the patient’s own hip, tibia, or jaw region. Sinus bone grafting is also used as a surgical procedure to restore and replace bone structures that are missing in the back of the upper jawbone. In addition to the above procedure, special membranes are placed under the gum tissue and slowly dissolve, helping new bone to grow. This technique is commonly referred to as guided membrane or bone regeneration.

What is Bone Grafting Used For?

The surgical procedure of bone grafting is used to fix major problems in the jawbone that happen because of birth defects, tumor removal, or accidents. In order to address the inflicted harm, medical practitioners extract bone from many anatomical regions, including the tibia, lateral knee, hip, and cranium. These operations exhibit a high level of complexity and necessitate access to a dedicated operating room and hospitalization in order to ensure optimal treatment.

Need a Dental Consultation?

What happens prior to bone grafting?

  • At Cure Dental, our dentist will ensure that your operation is conducted with efficiency and appropriateness, yielding the desired outcomes.
  • Following an extensive examination of your symptoms and dental background, our dental practitioners will assess whether bone grafting represents the most suitable approach for your situation.
  • The dental examination will involve the utilization of X-ray imaging techniques to assess the condition of your teeth and gums, thereby facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of any potential dental concerns.
  • Bone grafting may be a suitable option for individuals who desire to minimize the risk of permanent tooth loss or require dental implants as a result of substantial bone loss associated with gum disease.

It is important to note that, in order to guarantee post-procedure safety, it is advisable to make arrangements for transportation back home if choosing to get a sedative beforehand.

What Does the Procedure of Bone Grafting Involves?

Patients who have had teeth pulled may need bone grafting surgery to restore and maintain the right size and density of the jawbone in areas that have become weaker or less dense after having teeth pulled. The procedure may entail the use of either donor- or patient-donated blocks or granules as graft material. These materials are frequently applied prior to or during dental implant surgery to ensure the long-term stability of the implants. Cure Dental offers a range of bone graft options, encompassing numerous forms.

How is a bone grafting procedure performed?

Socket preservation, also known as alveolar ridge preservation, is a dental procedure that aims to maintain the structure and volume of the bone.

Socket Preservation

Following dental extractions, a socket preservation surgery is performed, involving the placement of bone graft material within the empty socket. This process slows down the resorption process in the area where the tooth was extracted and helps to keep the bone healthy until it is possible to put in an implant.

Ridge Augmentation

  • Ridge augmentation is a dental procedure that aims to enhance the width and height of the alveolar ridge.
  • The method of ridge augmentation has the potential to significantly improve one’s quality of life by restoring the density of the jaw arch.
  • Through the use of bone grafting, this procedure aims to enhance the fit of dentures, ensuring a more comfortable experience and a precise alignment with the gum line.
  • Ridge augmentation is a dental procedure that can provide individuals with a more stable and aesthetically pleasing smile, leading to an improved overall quality of life.

Sinus Lift

Sinus lifts, also known as maxillary sinus floor augmentation, are surgical procedures performed in dentistry to increase the amount of bone

A sinus lift procedure may be advantageous in cases where there is insufficient density and volume in the premolar or molar regions of the jaw. The method involves raising the sinus cavity so that bone grafting material can be put in more easily. This restores the bone’s height and density to the desired levels. Given the complexity of the procedure, it is advisable to place your oral well-being solely in the hands of a reputable surgeon for this particular therapy.

The Advantages of Bone Grafting

  • By undergoing the procedure of bone grafting, patients can go for dental implants. These dental implants have the capability to securely affix bridges, crowns, and dentures in situations where one or more of the natural teeth are absent, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the individual’s smile.
  • In addition, the attainment of ideal jawbone strength is associated with a reduction in the likelihood of permanent tooth loss. Therefore, it is worth considering the potential benefits of bone grafting.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Cure Dental at your earliest convenience.

Cure Dental is dedicated to providing patients with the utmost in cutting-edge and reliable dental procedures. Additionally, we maintain the viewpoint that it is crucial for patients to possess comprehensive knowledge about the various alternatives available in restorative dentistry. This enables them to make well-informed choices pertaining to their dental healthcare. During a consultation session at our office, our dentist will engage in a discussion regarding the potential benefits of ridge preservation surgery for individuals who have recently had tooth loss or extraction. Please make a reservation in order to obtain further details.

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