Dental bonding and contouring

Dental bonding and contouring in Belton, TX

Dentists at Cure Dental in Belton, Texas, are experts in correcting cosmetic dental flaws such as gaps, cracks, and discoloration through dental bonding and contouring.

dental bonding

What is Dental bonding and contouring?

Dental bonding or contouring is a great option for fixing a stained or chipped tooth.

Dental bonding begins with our dentist applying dental resin straight to your tooth and skillfully sculpting it, much like a sculptor molds clay into beautiful form. After being fine-tuned, this resin is cured with UV light to create a permanent solution that leaves you with a beautiful smile.

After that, your replacement tooth will be custom-made and fine-tuned so that it looks just like the rest of your teeth. It takes less than an hour per tooth, and there are no surgical incisions or other invasive procedures involved, so it’s a great option for people who want better teeth without going under the knife.

Like bonding, contouring is designed to improve a person’s smile’s aesthetics without significantly altering the tooth’s natural shape or size. Our dentist will carefully modify a small amount of enamel during this procedure to correct flaws, including crooked incisors, rough edges, tiny chips, and protruding canines or bicuspids.

Understanding the Process of Bonding

Dental bonding just takes one visit at Cure Dental in Belton, so there’s no need to wait around. The entire procedure, which begins with a thorough cleaning, can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You can trust that when you leave our warm and welcoming office, you will once again feel good about your own smile.

The enamel on your teeth will be slightly roughened using a particular solution before the dental resin is applied. After that, one of our seasoned dentists will carefully cover each area with resin in a tint that complements your natural teeth.

Teeth can be restored to their original appearance with the help of a unique resin material and some competent dental work. UV curing of the molded resin will be followed by additional polishing to improve its naturalism. The final step is to buff and polish the bonded tooth until it is completely flawless.

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Who Can Benefit from a Dental Bonding and Contouring Procedure at Cure Dental?

Dental bonding and contouring are often used procedures for correcting a variety of dental problems.

  • Do you have a few cosmetic concerns with your teeth but no serious dental disorders like cavities or periodontal disease? If that’s the case, dental bonding may be the solution for your teeth.
  • Dental bonding provides a quick remedy for several cosmetic difficulties, including gaps between teeth, malformed and undersized teeth, slight chipping of enamel, and even serious discoloration that whitening cannot attend to.
  • In addition, it can help repair uneven or crooked teeth, giving you the gorgeous straight smile you’ve always desired when used in conjunction with enameloplasty (shaping and contouring). However, dental bonding shouldn’t be used if there are cavities, other oral health issues, or serious orthodontic issues like a lot of teeth that aren’t in the right place or a jaw that isn’t in the right place.

Advantages of Bonding and shaping

Bonding and contouring can be used to improve several aspects of oral health. The primary advantages are:

  • If you have missing, misaligned, or otherwise flawed teeth, restorative dentistry can restore your smile to its former glory.
  • When dental bonding is used in conjunction with teeth whitening, the patient’s smile is transformed from dull to radiant.
  • Dental bonding can have long-lasting effects with proper care, even after a decade.

As an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, patients in Belton, Texas, frequently choose to have full or partial treatment done on their front teeth.

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