Complete Denture in Belton, Tx

Come see us at Cure Dental if your dentures are causing you pain. Dentures might be difficult to get right, but our dentists at Cure Dental in Belton, Texas, can take exact impressions and make dentures just for you. With our denture services, you may finally put an end to your pain and start smiling with confidence again.

Don’t let a lack of dentures or a broken set slow you down. Get your dentures fixed or changed quickly with our same-day denture treatments. Give us a call right away to find out more about this simple and quick method for repairing your smile.


Cure Dental Gives You the Denture That’s Right for You

Supported by Implants and dentures

The stability, comfort, and functionality of implant-supported dentures are unparalleled. Fixing implants in place mimics the function of natural tooth roots, restoring your smile and preventing bone loss in your jaw. Implant-supported dentures feel and function much like natural teeth, and they never slip or slide out of place like traditional or instant dentures can.


Our dentists will fit you with this denture after they have extracted your teeth and you’ve had time to recuperate.

Immediate dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that can be used immediately after your original teeth have been extracted. Having an instant denture ensures you can keep smiling even if minor changes are required while you heal.

Partially detachable

If you’re missing several teeth, a removable partial denture is a great option to consider. In addition to improving your smile, it can also help keep your natural teeth from shifting.

Need a Dental Consultation?

What to Expect From Cure Dental on Your Denture Journey?

Treatment times for both conventional dentures and those secured by implants vary greatly based on the specifics of each patient’s circumstances. Your oral condition as well as the type of dentures you require will effect how long it takes to complete your treatment.

Preliminary surgery to put in implants and a three-month wait before acquiring your permanent set of dentures are required if you want implant-supported dentures. The bone around each dental implant and its post will fuse naturally over the course of three months due to a process called osseointegration. This ensures the durability and efficacy of the system in question.

For conventional removable dentures, we use the time-tested technique of wax rims and try-ins to create a perfect fit that feels natural in your mouth. In addition, we provide a trial period for you to try out your new teeth before making a final decision regarding their appearance.


When you come, a member of our friendly staff will take your X-rays. The next step is to schedule an appointment with one of our fantastic dentists, who will go over all of your treatment choices with you, including dentures, implants, and the revolutionary All on Four solutions. Many patients have questions about these therapies, and we’ll take the time to go over the specifics with you during this appointment.


When saving a tooth through restoration is no longer an option, extraction is the next best option.


In order to create a custom denture that fits you perfectly, we will take molds of your gums and teeth.


Our in-house dental laboratory is dedicated to producing lifelike dentures of the finest quality. Our skilled specialists ensure dependable outcomes that will last for years.

Discover the surprising advantages of dentures today!

Bring back confidence, ease, and good health

Dentures might help you stop hiding your smile and rediscover your self-esteem. The mouth has been compared to a doorway into the body. Patients often report feeling better after we treat their unhealthy teeth since their bodies are no longer fighting a persistent illness they are unable to rid themselves of. Antibiotics are not effective against dental infections or abscesses since they stem from decaying teeth; thus, repairing them will help improve your overall health as well.

Make Yourself Look Ten Years Younger

If you’re looking for dentures that are made to fit the contours of your face, Cure Dental is the place to go. They can improve the appearance of a collapsed bite in addition to plumping up the lips and cheeks. If your teeth are severely worn down or missing, your face will look older than it is because your chin will look larger in relation to your nose. But with our customized dentures specifically built just for you, we’ll help you get back what time has taken away—fuler facial features and perfect proportions—so you appear better than ever before.

Improve Your Happiness

While there are limitations to dentures, many people have reported that they are no longer bothered by tooth pain. Dentures, which replace missing teeth, can also boost confidence. Dentures, however, are a creation of the twentieth century; if you want the best quality of life possible in the twenty-first century, you should have Cure Dental, which is associated with a number of modern conveniences.

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