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Dental implants are a reliable way to replace missing teeth, but the jawbone needs to be structurally intact and strong enough for the procedure to go well. Unfortunately, because it is close to the maxillary sinus, the upper part of the mouth may not have enough vertical dimension or bone volume to support an implant without the need for extra bone grafting. That’s why dentists at Cure Dental provide sinus lift surgeries in Belton, Texas.

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What is a Sinus Lift surgery, and What are Its Advantages?

A sinus lift refers to a surgical procedure that is performed in the field of dentistry, specifically in the context of dental implant placement. At Cure Dental, our team of extensively trained specialists possesses comprehensive expertise in the various techniques and methodologies involved in maxillary sinus bone grafting surgeries.

It is generally agreed that the most common method used in dental implant restoration, which is called a sinus lift bone transplant, is effective at making smiles look better. By undergoing this procedure, individuals can experience the comprehensive advantages of improved dental health.

The sinus lift procedure has been a proven and effective method for augmenting bone volume in the maxillary region for a period exceeding three decades. By making an access opening in the sinus wall and carefully lifting the membrane, dentists can add bone graft material below, which increases the height and width of the implant sites. While minimizing the risks, the above method is widely known for its ability to build the strong foundation necessary for successful dental implant placement.

How is sinus lift surgery performed?

While sinus lift bone grafting is typically considered a straightforward procedure, it necessitates a high degree of precision. Although the majority of patients choose general anesthesia, individuals who are selected have the option to have the same surgery using only local anesthesia.

In order to execute a sinus lift procedure, an incision is created within the premolar or molar region with the intention of exposing the underlying jawbone. Following this, a minor aperture is generated within it, causing the membrane that lines the sinus cavity to be elevated. To finish this procedure, allogenic bone grafts (bone from human donors), xenografts (bone from animals), collagen, and calcium phosphate mineral components are put under the barrier mentioned above to strengthen the bone.

After undergoing a sinus lift bone transplant, the majority of patients typically encounter minimal postoperative pain and swelling. During several months, the transplanted bone gradually integrates into the maxilla of the patient as the healing process progresses. Subsequently, our staff undertakes CBCT assessments, utilizing cone-beam computed tomography system scans, and engages in virtual implant planning sessions before the placement of dental implants within the recently developed sinus bone region.

If the maxillary alveolar ridge and the inferior border of the maxillary sinus are stable enough, it is possible to do a sinus augmentation and implant placement procedure at the same time. This technique significantly accelerates the duration of treatment. Nevertheless, in cases where there is insufficient bone volume, it becomes necessary to utilize a grafting procedure to allow for proper maturation over a period of many months before the successful placement of dental implants.

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What are the criteria for selecting a candidate for a sinus lift procedure?

If an individual satisfies any of the subsequent conditions, it may be imperative to have a sinus lift procedure to adequately fulfill their requirements:

  • Do you have a condition characterized by the absence of several teeth in the posterior region of your maxillary arch?
  • Does the rear portion of your maxilla have a significant lack of bone?
  • Does the incompleteness of your smile stem from a congenital handicap, periodontal disease, or a small facial structure?

If the answer to the above question is “yes,” then sinus lift surgery can help you.

Cure Dental provides exceptional care for individuals who have experienced long-term upper tooth loss and need dental implant support.

We acknowledge the importance of addressing the restoration of one’s smile through the utilization of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Allow us to assist you in regaining your confidence by displaying a confident smile.

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