Wisdom Teeth extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Belton, TX

The final set of teeth to emerge is commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. The extraction of wisdom teeth is not necessary when they are well aligned and the gum tissue surrounding them is in good condition. Regrettably, this occurrence is not of regular frequency. Impacted teeth exhibit a wide range of orientations and positions within the bone as they endeavor to locate a suitable pathway for effective eruption.

wisdom teeth extraction

When is it absolutely necessary to extract wisdom teeth?

The excision of third molars, also referred to as wisdom teeth, becomes imperative in cases where their eruption is hindered, as malpositioned or impacted teeth can give rise to a multitude of complications. When wisdom teeth have a partial eruption, the presence of an operculum surrounding the tooth facilitates the growth of germs, which can ultimately lead to infection. This infection can manifest as swelling, stiffness, discomfort, and potentially serious disease.

What Problems can arise if wisdom tooth is not extracted?

  • When a wisdom tooth comes in, it can put pressure on nearby teeth, which can move them out of place and mess up the natural or orthodontic arrangement of teeth.
  • Some of the biggest problems happen when growths like tumors or cysts appear near the impacted third molar. This damages the mandibular bone and the teeth next to it.

The resolution of these difficulties is typically achieved through the extraction of the affected impacted tooth or teeth. It is advisable to opt for early removal in order to mitigate potential future complications and reduce the surgical risks associated with the treatment.

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Procedure of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

By checking the mouth and using x-rays, it is possible to see where the wisdom teeth are and guess if there might be problems in the future. Research has indicated that conducting an assessment and initiating therapy at an early stage leads to a more favorable outcome for the individual receiving care.

The surgical extraction of wisdom teeth is conducted with the administration of appropriate anesthesia. Our team possesses the necessary training, licensing, and expertise to proficiently administer many forms of anesthesia, thereby enhancing the comfort and efficacy of medical treatments.

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