8 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth during holidays

8 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth during holidays
December 01, 2023

The Christmas month of December has arrived, which indicates that the holiday season is in full flow. During this delightful time of year, you are likely to go to parties and nights out that are later than usual, in addition to indulging in foods and beverages that are associated with festivities.

We are once again at that time of year when Christmas is on the verge of becoming in the near future. Presents, meals, and quality time with family fill our calendars, and before we realize it, we are already in the thick of things with our New Year’s plans. In spite of the fact that a great number of individuals will be excited to begin anew in the new year, this is not always the case for everyone, particularly when it comes to caring for their teeth. In the event that you are the type of person who prefers to take a more laid-back approach to dental hygiene over the holiday season, the following are eight methods that you can take care of your teeth this Christmas. Happy Christmas to you!

How to Care for Your Teeth During the Holidays

At CURE DENTAL, we have compiled a list of suggestions that will help you avoid causing your teeth an excessive amount of discomfort during the month of December:

Make sure that you don’t lose your routine for maintaining good oral health

Remember to clean and floss your teeth before going to bed, even though you are going to be attending a lot of parties, running around, and having a lot of fun. After a long evening, we understand that it may be tempting to miss your regular dental routine rather than going to the dentist. Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that it is your best defense against the rush of sugar that your teeth are likely to acquire throughout the day. Additionally, Christmas morning is a period of great excitement for your children; nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that they clean their teeth for the whole three minutes.

Reward Yourself or Someone You Care About

Give to others during the holiday season. For yourself or a member of your family, why not treat yourself to a brand new electric toothbrush? It is recommended that you change your toothbrush with a electric brush. Keeping a toothbrush in a container that is closed can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, the bristles being frayed and worn with use, and a reduction in the effectiveness of the toothbrush’s cleaning capabilities. Over the course of both the short term and the long term, electric or battery-operated toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes at consistently lowering plaque and gum disease.

Know The Importance of Moderation

There are a lot of sweet festive desserts to indulge in during the month of December, and they all add up to a lot. Some examples are mince pies, Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding. Even though they have a wonderful flavor, they typically contain a lot of sugar. However, you do not have to entirely make concessions with regard to the foods and beverages that you consume, as the primary issue is not the quantity of sugar that you consume, but rather the frequency with which you consume sweet and acidic snacks. The danger arises from the fact that you put sugar into your mouth a number of times more frequently than was typical. It is important to make an effort to reduce the frequency of these events since eating and drinking throughout the day produces an environment that is ideal for the growth of germs and plaque.

Choose Cheese, Turkey, and Nuts as Your Food!

The reason that cheesecake is a better option for dessert is due to the fact that cheese is actually beneficial to the health of your teeth. Consequently, you should not hesitate to indulge in that cheeseboard after the Christmas dinner because cheese has the ability to restore the mouth to its normal acid balance, thereby lowering the likelihood of developing tooth decay. In addition, turkey is an excellent option because it is rich in phosphorus and protein, both of which are beneficial for preventing tooth decay and enhancing the strength of your teeth. All things considered, nuts are an excellent source of fiber, folic acid, calcium, and a variety of other vitamins.

Keep an eye on the alcohol consumption

Did you know that white wine can be quite acidic, which can contribute to enamel erosion? Did you also know that red wine can raise the risk of tooth staining? Both of these facts are true. We all enjoy a glass or two of wine over the holiday season.

When you are eating your main course in the evening, we suggest that you only consume red or white wine. Be sure not to let the celebrations divert your attention from brushing your teeth after you have consumed alcoholic beverages. Before you clean your teeth, it is essential to allow a space between your teeth in order to eliminate any stains. Even if we only drink one glass of wine every day, according to dentists, it can cause our mouths to become dry, diminish the amount of calcium in our teeth, and cause us to have foul breath. There is also a growing correlation between alcohol consumption and oral cancer.

You should drink with a straw

An excellent piece of advice for kids is this one. Cure Dental recommends using a straw to reduce the amount of sugar that comes into contact with teeth in order to minimize the amount of damage that can be done to teeth over the holiday season. There will likely be a large number of carbonated beverages available.

Take a bite of sugar-free mouth gum

Chewing gum invigorates saliva, which in turn assists in the removal of any plaque that may have accumulated in your mouth after you have eaten. It goes without saying that gum is also useful during parties because it retains the minty freshness of your breath. Bear in mind at all times that gum that does not contain sugar is better for your teeth.

The teeth you have are not “tools.” *

Instead of using your teeth for things that they were not intended for, such as tearing through tough packaging and garment labels or opening beer bottles, you should avoid doing these things. Damage to your teeth and the possibility of a dental emergency are both possible outcomes of this. Please refrain from using your teeth as a substitute for a bottle opener, as this is a party trick that should be avoided at all costs!

Over the course of the Christmas season, it is simple to let your dental health slip through the cracks due to the abundance of temptations and indulgences. It is our hope that the following advice may assist you in avoiding any difficulties in the coming year. Why not get off to a good start in 2023 by paying a visit to our clinic in Belton, Texas, in the month of January that you feel you have overdone it? Perhaps you would benefit from a visit to the dentist for dental hygiene, or perhaps it is time for your routine dental checkup with your dentist. Here at Cure Dental, we will assist you in preserving your beautiful and healthy smile.

On behalf of everyone here, we hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful year 2023.

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