Use it Or Lose It – Dental Insurance Benefits

Use it Or Lose It - Dental Insurance Benefits
December 05, 2023

It’s likely that you’re curious about the meaning of the phrase “use it before you lose it.” You may not be aware of this, but at the end of the year, any dental benefits that you have not utilized are forfeited, and your insurance benefits for the next year begin to take effect. Therefore, it is possible that you are wasting hundreds of dollars each and every year!

You may be able to achieve financial savings for your family by making use of all or a portion of your dental benefits before the new year. There is no way to know for certain whether or not your child will require the entirety of your benefits in the future due to unanticipated operations, such as a broken tooth sustained while playing on the playground.

Why You Should To Use Dental Insurance Before December 31st?

Although there are certain dental insurance policies that operate on a fiscal year, the vast majority of dental insurance policies operate on a calendar year for their coverage. Because of this, whatever dental benefits you had on December 31st will be reset on January 1st, and very few plans will allow you to carry over those benefits into the following year.

If you have a plan that covers the entire calendar year, you should contact our office so that we may collaborate with you and your dental insurance provider to ensure that you receive the most benefits possible.

How To Get The Maximum Benefits of Your Dental Insurance?

We are aware that you have a great deal of activities with which to arrange each day. Your dentist appointment will go off without a hitch if you take advantage of our assistance in scheduling it.

At any point during the year, two cleanings are covered by every dental insurance plan. By the first of January, you will no longer be able to take advantage of your two cleanings if you have not already done so.

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Here’s how to get the maximum benefits of your dental insurance

  • Simply give us a call, and one of our patient care coordinators will be able to determine how you may make advantage of your benefits before they run out.
  • We are able to assist you with obtaining sealants, which are among the preventative services that your kid can be eligible for.
  • In order to make the most of your advantages, it is essential to take care of your dental treatment. When it comes to dental care, prevention is always preferable than treatment, and delaying dental treatment can put you at danger of having to undergo more comprehensive and expensive treatment in the future.
  • Taking care of any dental difficulties that you may be experiencing right now will help prevent a worsening of the situation, which will ultimately save you more money in the long term. Although it may appear to be a straightforward cavity that requires only a filling, it may eventually require a crown or even result in the premature loss of the tooth.
  • Sometimes, that stubborn baby tooth that won’t go loose and causes the permanent tooth to come in crooked can be simply removed to aid with making orthodontics easier and more cost effective for your child in the future. This can be done to help your child with their orthodontic requirements.
  • Your annual deductible will also be reset in the month of January. There is a considerable chance that you have already satisfied that deductible for this year. If you still have advantages left over, it would be a good idea to make use of those benefits so that you do not have to pay that deductible again the following year.

Understanding that navigating the complex seas of dental insurance can be challenging and at times perplexing is something that we are aware of. That’s why we are always here to support you. When you come to Cure Dental, our wonderful dental insurance professionals will assist you in obtaining everything that you and your family need from your dental insurance policy in order to make it worthwhile for you to have it.


Call us or make an appointment right away to take advantage of the dental insurance benefits that are available to you. You should not wait until the end of December to make your appointment reservation.

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