Missing Front Teeth? 3 Great Ways to Replace Them

Missing Front Teeth? 3 Great Ways to Replace Them
June 07, 2024

Immediate dental restoration is necessary to address the aesthetic, oral health, and functional issues that accompany missing front teeth, as any individual who has experienced this loss can attest. If you’re missing a front tooth or teeth, it’s helpful to know what your options are for replacing them.

What should you do if your front teeth fall out?

When replacing lost front teeth, there are a few different options to think about; pick the one that works best for you and your preferences. For the teeth that show the most when you smile, these are three of the most popular choices for dental restorations.

3 Ways to Correct Missing Front Teeth

Fixed Bridge

By anchoring a dental crown to an existing tooth or teeth in the arch, a fixed bridge may replace missing teeth with minimal disruption to the natural bite. A fixed bridge is the best option when an oral accident loses one tooth or a small portion of teeth, but the other teeth remain healthy. They blend in seamlessly with your smile and can endure for over a decade without requiring repairs or replacement.

Removable partial denture

Although there are benefits and downsides to consider, a partial denture may be the least invasive long-term solution to tooth loss. A partial denture’s aesthetic similarity to real teeth means that, unless specifically pointed out, no one will be able to tell it is a replacement. Unless attached to a dental implant, partial dentures are typically removable, necessitating additional care. Always wash your partial dentures thoroughly after each use to keep them clean.

Bonding or veneers

One of the aforementioned treatment methods is likely to be more recommended if tooth replacement is needed due to missing or badly damaged front teeth. However, bonding or dental veneers could be the best option if the teeth in question are still salvageable. The cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental crown, veneer, or tooth bonding to restore a tooth that has suffered damage from decay or a facial injury.


If the missing tooth is more obvious and gives you a hard time smiling because of its appearance, dental repair may be necessary after tooth loss. In a short amount of time, our staff assists toothless patients in restoring the aesthetic, functional, and health of the lost tooth.

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