Why Oral Cancer Screening Is Important?

Why Oral Cancer Screening Is Important?
July 23, 2023

Did you know that you should have a screening for oral cancer at least once a year? It is real. If oral cancer isn’t detected in its earliest stages, it can be fatal. Oral cancer can sneak up on you. Get a screening for oral cancer as soon as you can and take care of yourself.

Here are a few other arguments in favor of getting screened for oral cancer

Oral Cancer Screening Is Fast, Simple, And Painless

The oral cancer screening takes only a few minutes, is painless, and involves a visual examination of your lips, face, and mouth. Unless there are indications of oral cancer, additional tests would need to be requested.

Oral Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life

Although getting screened for oral cancer is perhaps the most obvious reason to do so, doing so could actually save your life. See your dentist regularly because they will be able to recognize indicators you might overlook because oral cancer is difficult to detect on your own. If detected early, oral cancer has a considerably higher chance of survival.

Oral Cancer Screening Helps In The Early Detection

The key to beating oral cancer is early detection. Early detection and intervention improve survival rates to nearly 80%. Furthermore, prevention is absolutely critical if you want to avoid developing mouth cancer. Consider modifying your habits if you smoke, drink heavily, chew tobacco, or spend a lot of time in the sun. You should also make sure to obtain frequent oral cancer screenings to detect any damage that has already been done.

If you don’t make it a priority to look out for oral cancer, it may strike without warning. In order to assist you in maintaining good oral hygiene, we at The Cure Dentistry encourage you to make an appointment to visit our clinic for an oral cancer screening.


If you chew tobacco, smoke, or have a family history of cancer it is important that you get an oral cancer screening at least once a year. If you are looking forward to getting a Cancer Screening in Belton, Tx, Dental can help you with the best dentist. Call Cure Dental, a Dental office in Belton, Tx at 254-346-2330 or visit Cure Dental to know more.

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