How Exactly Does A Tooth Extraction Feel?

How Exactly Does A Tooth Extraction Feel?
August 02, 2023

Do you think you may soon require tooth removal? It can be a little frightening to think about it, especially if you experience dental anxiety. There is no cause for concern. The simplicity of the tooth extraction procedure often surprises patients. But how does a tooth extraction actually feel? For a broad outline of what to anticipate, continue reading below.

Comfort for Patients Is Crucial

Pain is the last thing your dentist wants you to experience. The numbing of your mouth will therefore be one of the first things to take place during your session. After the local anesthetic is given, you can have a bothersome pinching feeling, but it should dissipate shortly.

You should understand that numerous dental offices provide sedation as well. Inform your care team if the local anesthetic does not numb you quickly or if you experience some dental fear. They might be able to give you some medication to soothe and relax you throughout the process.

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2 ways to extract a Tooth Extraction

The two most common types of tooth extractions are

Simple Extraction

Your dentist uses forceps to grasp the tooth and gently rock it back and forth during a straightforward extraction in order to shred the ligaments holding it in place. While this is being done, you may feel some pressure, but no actual pain should be felt.

Surgical Extraction

Some cases require surgical extraction. In this procedure, the gums are cut, or the tooth is dismantled in preparation for extraction. Again, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about discomfort, even if you could hear some odd noises and feel pressure in your mouth.

You Should Prepare for Some Bleeding and Pain

Your dentist will clean out the socket once the tooth has been removed from your mouth and, if necessary, puts sutures. You will be given advice on how to manage any bleeding that occurs occasionally following your session using gauze.

You can anticipate some stiffness and swelling at the extraction site once your sedation and local anesthetic have worn off. Most people may easily handle these problems with cold compresses, a sensible diet, and over-the-counter painkillers. Extreme discomfort is unusual and should be reported to your dentist so they can offer advice.

You may be confident that your dental team will make every effort to make your next tooth extraction as comfortable as possible, so it is reasonable if you are concerned.


Tooth extractions are a common procedure that can be frightening for patients, especially those with dental anxiety, but there is no need to worry your dentist will make every effort to make your next tooth extraction as comfortable as possible. At Cure Dental we are pleased to provide a variety of services, including simple tooth extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, and more. Call Cure Dental in Belton, Texas at 254-346-2330 to find out more or to book an appointment.

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